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Quorum Demo

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Deploy and configure a Quorum blockchain in minutes

Quorum is an open-source, permissioned implementation of Ethereum supporting transaction and contract privacy initially created by J.P. Morgan.

Quorum is ideal for any application requiring:

  • high speed and high throughput processing of private transactions
  • a permissioned group of known participants

Quorum addresses specific challenges to blockchain technology adoption within the financial industry, and beyond

Quorum supports:

  • Transaction-level privacy and network-wide transparency, customizable to business requirements
  • Institutional transaction volumes
  • Blockchain transactions among a permissioned group of known participants

Quorum is designed to develop and evolve alongside Ethereum. Because it only minimally modifies Ethereum’s core, Quorum is able to incorporate the majority of Ethereum updates quickly and seamlessly. This image is a single virtual machine configured with the software required to run Quorum 7 nodes demo.

After deploying SSH into the VM and run the following commands to initialize the environment (detailed walkthrough):

  • git clone
  • cd quorum-examples/examples/7nodes
  • sudo su
  • .
  • .
After running these commands, all 7 nodes will be deployed.