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Fortinet FortiMail Security Email Gateway

Comprehensive Email Security

FortiMail Virtual Email Security delivers proven, powerful messaging security for any size organization or service provider. Secured by FortiGuard, FortiMail delivers the latest technologies and intelligence, including integrated Sandboxing, to stop even the most sophisticated email-borne threats. Closing off this threat vector plays an important role in a cohesive approach to securing your organization against the latest attacks.

Highlights: - Scalable solution from SME to the largest ISP and carrier networks - Advanced Threat Outbreak Protection methods to protect against new emerging and targeted attacks - Apply Identity-Based Encryption in both push and pull methods - Data Leak Prevention, and PolicyBased Encryption and Archiving enable compliance with SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI DSS - Enforce email and security policies at a granular level - Receive real-time security updates from FortiGuard® Services - Multi-layer threat detection delivers highest level of user protection - Scalable solution delivers long term investment protection