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Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC IS-BFG (Unlimited)

Shaka Technologies
Ishlangu provides advanced application delivery and security for customers that run in Azure.

Ishlangu is a high performance solution, providing advanced application delivery and security for organisations that run in Azure. It sits natively in Azure, in-front of your application servers and uses caching, compression, SSL offloading, connection multiplexing and web content optimization to accelerate the delivery of your application content. Ishlangu also includes a full web application firewall, proactively scanning your app traffic for both known and unknown (zero-day) exploits. Ishlangu allows you to create traffic management policies that range from simple HTTP to HTTPs redirects and URL rewriting, through to more advanced content manipulation. The Ishlangu Load Balancer ADC is simple to deploy, easy to manage and provides instant results.


  • Security - Protection from SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, DoS, Session Hijacking, Buffer Overflows and Zero Day Exploits. Secure app access with enforced authentication, SSO and session management.
  • Speed and Reliability - Advanced layer 4-7 load balancing including HTTP/2, FTP, TCP and UDP. Accelerate services, reduce costs and increase resiliency.
  • Ease of Use - Advanced traffic scripting engine gives you full control of the entire traffic stream allowing you to analyse, transform and route your app traffic.