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VAC-VCS (Redhat)

Varnish Software Inc
Varnish Administration Console/Custom Statistics (VAC and VCS) (Redhat)
Varnish Administration Console (VAC) is a single point of control for all Varnish Cache server administration. VAC provides UI and API administration and is most commonly used in production environments where real-time graphs and statistics help identify any bottlenecks within your Varnish Cache servers. This AMI also provides Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS) which is a real-time statistics engine allowing you to aggregate, display and analyze user web traffic. VCS will not work unless you have a subscription for Varnish Cache Plus (VCP).


  • Real-time statistics
  • Varnish Cache (Plus) group configuration management
  • Super Fast Purger

    Usage Instructions

  • Access the application via a browser at http://public_dns:80 for VAC and http://public_dns:6555 for VCS. A default password for username vac is the instance id, which you can find by using SSH to the machine and look at /root/vac_init_password.
  • How VAC works
  • How VCS works