Business Enabling Toolbox (B.E.T)

YVR Consulting

Business Enabling Toolbox (B.E.T)

YVR Consulting

Let B.E.T assist with MAXIMIZING PROFITS AND GROWING your business!

B.E.T is a unique digital advisor and business manager, available to Business Owners 24/7, giving them access to leading consultancy and coaching at their fingertips! It will guide Business Owners through key functions in their business, no matter the industry, size, or sector, all in a single platform! With B.E.T, Owners can Grow, Improve, Transform, Upskill, and Align messaging in their business. 

For a business owner, it is important to know What should be done, Why you need to do it, and most importantly, How it should be done. B.E.T’s unique self-diagnostic approach empowers Owners to make better-informed decisions and create sustainability for their businesses. 

B.E.T supports Business Owners across the following functions: 

• Financial Management 

• Engaging Leadership and People 

• Developing your Strategy 

• Understanding your Customer 

• Understanding Risk Management 

• Entrepreneurship 

B.E.T helps the Owner focus on understanding their business, areas of improvement, and its progress with the help of real-time performance dashboards, reports, easy-to-implement prepopulated templates, and free thoughts with useful information from Industry Leaders. Owners can use B.E.T to collaborate and find sales opportunities from the available business directory - access to market has never been that easy! 

With a dedicated business manager at their side, available 24/7, business owners are able to focus on working on their businesses, making management easier. The business manager will support the Business Owner manage: 

• Sales 

• Customers 

• Stock 

• Finance 

• Human Resources and 

• Projects and Tasks. 

B.E.T is everything that business owners need - all in an integrated platform, making growth, improvement, and transformation possible!