Keyfactor Control

Keyfactor, Inc.

Keyfactor Control

Keyfactor, Inc.

Control enables manufacturers to build high-assurance identity at every step of the device lifecycle

Manage IoT identities at scale.

Protect and centralize control for your connected devices. Keyfactor Control makes it easy and affordable to embed high-assurance secure identity into every step of the IoT device lifecycle. Through design, manufacturing, deployment, and ongoing management -Keyfactor Control provides the identity foundation you need to produce and sustain the most secure devices on the market – giving you the freedom to design great products and the confidence that they’ll deploy and remain secure throughout their use.

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerate Initiatives - Confidently scale digital transformation goals when security and privacy are accounted for in an automated fashion.
  • Simplify Operations - Focus on deploying machine identities to secure digital initiatives, instead of spending hours maintaining a PKI.
  • Prevent Disruption - Stop getting blamed for outages by replacing manual processes with end-to-end certificate lifecycle automation.

Key Features:

Lightweight C-Agent - Use a lightweight C POSIX, Android, or Java agent to enable on-device identity lifecycle management and automation.

Automated provisioning - Automatically renew and provision certificates to remote devices anywhere, from any public or private CA, including EJBCA.

One-click revocation - Rapidly respond to incidents or decommission devices at scale with simple one-click revocation of one certificate or millions.

Integrated PKI platform - Combine Keyfactor Control with EJBCA Enterprise to issue IoT identities at massive scale from a trusted PKI platform.

APIs and Integrations - Easily integrate with third-party CAs, cloud services, and IoT platforms such as Azure IoT Hub, Google Cloud IoT Core, and more.

Complete visibility - Meet compliance requirements and simplify audits with real-time visibility of all certificates and easy-to-generate reports.

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