Forrit Technology Ltd


Forrit Technology Ltd

Enterprise CMS for Marketing and Service Delivery

Born in the cloud and built for the future, Forrit is the next generation enterprise content management system (CMS) enabling rapid secure website creation. Some of the world’s most recognized brands, including Microsoft Education, have leveraged Forrit to successfully launch and update their global websites at speed and at scale.

With scripted configuration of the Azure tools, services and infrastructure required, Forrit enables the provisioning of optimal environments that ensure the best customer experience.

Forrit is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform, Application Development and Application Integration.

Key benefits:

· Controlled and flexible – Ensure brand consistency using pre-approved content, templates and components.

· Secure and compliant – Benefit from enterprise grade security inherent in Microsoft Azure hosting.

· Global reach, infinite scale – Deploy new websites in minutes and optimize performance by scaling cloud resources to meet demand.

· Easy building and editing – Create websites from a suite of pre-built components and enable content owners to edit content directly.

· Easy personalization – Forrit’s separation of content from the underlying codebase enables rapid personalization and localization.

· Savings and efficiencies – Deliver significant cost savings through supplier consolidation, reduced website set-up and running costs.

· Integrated Azure resources – Leverage the full potential of Azure’s cloud services and tools on a single platform.

Key features:

· Automated configuration – Simplified resource configuration processes through automation and an intuitive user interface.

· Full Active Directory integration – Configurable role-based access control restricts access to features, according to your compliance needs.

· Consolidated dashboard – View the performance of all your websites in a single interface.

· Component Editor – Rapidly build re-usable components.

· Page Builder – Simply drag and drop pre-built components to build brand-compliant multi-dimension websites at unparalleled speed.

· Page Editor – Quickly add and remove content without Developer involvement.

· Popular SDKs – Forrit supports .NET Framework and .NET Core implementations for building server-side apps.

· Asset Library – Manage assets for use across your digital estate.

Stakeholder benefits:

Marketing: Maintain brand consistency, address targeted audiences, easily build and edit, rapidly publish, organize content assets, streamline processes and maximize marketing spend.

IT: Simplified resource configuration, efficient development, rigorous deployment, optimized performance, quality assured at the core and maintenance free.

Security: Consolidated web estate, enterprise grade security, customizable workflow, traceability of changes and business continuity.

Procurement: Consolidation of suppliers, significant cost savings, transparent billing and future proof technology.