DataOps for Snowflake Limited

DataOps for Snowflake Limited is a single platform for all the Snowflake DataOps lifecycle needs of an organization.


DataOps for Snowflake is a technology implementation of the Seven Pillars that underpin the #TrueDataOps philosophy.

DataOps is a one stop platform that covers 100% of your DataOps lifecycle to enable agility and business responsiveness while not compromising on data security and governance. It provides end to end orchestration for a heterogeneous data environment and provides functionality for environment management, CICD, automated testing, and ELT wrapped into an elegant UI so you can improve your teams quality AND accelerate your delivery to business stakeholders.

Snowflake has been built to optimise speed and performance. By separating compute from storage and delivering features like Zero Copy Clone, Snowflake is the first data platform to provide the underlying infrastructure to enable the true principles DataOps to be executed and deliver the same value DevOps has provided for years in terms of agility, maintainability, security, and governance.

DataOps for Snowflake has been designed to exploit the most advanced features of Snowflake, to enable regulated and unregulated organisations alike to explore the power and agility of DataOps, while making zero compromises for governance and security.

While many DataOps platforms will support some of the pillars of #TrueDataOps, DataOps for Snowflake is one of the only platforms support all of those pillars.

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