Uptake Fusion for OSIsoft PI

Uptake Technologies Inc.

Uptake Fusion for OSIsoft PI

Uptake Technologies Inc.


Transfer PI data to Fusion for advanced analytics 

Fusion liberates OSIsoft PI data from the typical performance-restricted, proprietary database format and makes it accessible in your Azure cloud rich with opportunities for advanced analytics. Fusion offers flat-rate pricing for data. No tag fees. No licenses. No nonsense. 

Fusion extracts PI data (real-time, historical, metadata), stores it in your Azure cloud, and automatically curates the data for analytical tools like Time Series Insights, Power BI, and other third-party software. For different data consumers, your data is organized and correlated for their individual use.

With Fusion, your data is secure during its journey to your cloud. Like our industrial customers, we trust Azure for cloud security.  Run analysis on your data, build out a data lake strategy, give access to third-parties. It’s your data in your Azure cloud. Uptake never owns your data or has full control of the data.

PI connection features:

  • Fast deployment for quick PI data availability in Azure, including PI compressed/ uncompressed, historical, and PI-AF data 
  • Protect PI system with outbound-only secure connection 
  • Intelligently manage the load and minimize the impact on PI system performance, thanks to native OSISoft PI driver 
  • Automatically detect any tag configuration or PI-AF configuration changes 
  • Enjoy flat-rate pricing rather than the number of tags or subscribers using the data 
  • Leverage native Azure Cloud components - these are highly scalable and proven with PI systems 
  • Open API to allow connectivity by other Business Intelligence and Analytics applications
  • Secured open data format for advanced analytics (ML/AI) applications 
  • Support SaaS managed modes 
  • Aggregate PI data with other operational technology data 
  • Conduit for PI data to data consumers, including other cloud platforms 
  • Import the PI-AF data hierarchical models into Fusion, and allow the configuration of additional and co-existing data hierarchical models using data from PI and other sources 

Qualify for Fusion Pilot Program

Interested in Fusion but would like to pilot it first? PI users are first in line. We’re currently seeking industrial organizations on Azure for a quick time to value.

IT is in the cloud. Now it’s OT’s turn. With Uptake Fusion, asset-intensive companies can easily, securely, and cost-effectively move, store, and curate PI data in their Azure cloud.