Legalcluster Expert Solution

Legalcluster by Seville More Hélory

Legalcluster Expert Solution

Legalcluster by Seville More Hélory

The collaborative platform for your legal, ethics & compliance functions

Legalcluster is the first modular SaaS platform designed for the most complex companies and organizations to deal at scale with legal, ethical and compliance matters. Our collaborative & community-based platform gives your organization's overall members the tools they need to
  • Run governance matters (corporate, power of attorney, shareholders relationships)

  • Run their matter management (contract; litigation; project)

  • Meet compliance regulations, (program of compliance; gift & invitation; conflicts of interest; sponroring; third parties mapping...)

  • Manage their legal communities.

  • Manage business issues with strong legal & compliance stakes.

We propose two types of offers:

"Pro offers" consist in standardized journeys, to deliver high value at scale on standardized issues.

"Expert offer" consist in tailored made journeys designed to match your specific business requirement

Legalcluster is developed and run by Seville More Helory, a French Young Innovative Company (JEI) created in 2017 by legal and tech experts. Our goal is to become the standard platform for legal communities.