Nevis Authentication Cloud


Nevis Authentication Cloud


Effortless customer experience with passwordless biometric MFA and transaction signing.

Why choose the Nevis Authentication Cloud

Do you want to give your customers secure, simple, and passwordless access to your digital offers? The Nevis Authentication Cloud lets you offer maximum security and a seamless user experience in no time at all.

The Nevis Authentication Cloud expands your infrastructure with passwordless authentication and transaction signatures. Our FIDO-certified solution offers the authentication experience today’s end customers expect.

Key Benefits

Passwordless Authentication

Maximum convenience and security: Today’s fast-paced mobile world demands a better solution than long complex passwords. Passwordless authentication with biometric features (fingerprint or face ID) provides the ease and speed users want and the added security everyone needs. Eliminating passwords, the primary target for cyber criminals, is the key to safe and secure online transactions.

Protection of sensitive transactions

Transaction confirmation facilitates unequivocal and secure confirmation for financial and operational transactions with one click.

All transactions, confirmed or aborted, are logged and archived. Customers are protected against phishing, social engineering, and data-switching attacks.

Since our solution relies on unique identifiers (biometrics), unauthorized access is nearly impossible.

Branded Access App

Your brand must convey trust. That is why our Access App can be easily customized with your logo, colors, and the font of your choice.

The most important features of the Nevis Access App:

  • White-label mobile app, completely brandable
  • Mobile SDK (integrate into your existing business application)
  • FIDO-certified, industry standard compliant
  • GDPR, SCA1, PSD2, et al compliant
  • Passwordless (implied MFA)
  • Biometric authentication
  • Hardened and end-to-end encrypted

Management Console and Tools

The Nevis Authentication Cloud Management Console gives you the tools to manage integrated apps and customize the white-label app. It lets you view, modify, or delete all user accounts and search by user and device so you can remove inactive users and outdated authenticators (i.e. old phones) from the system.

Save time, costs, and hassle

Nevis’ passwordless authentication does not rely on SMS or TAN. Our industry-standard compatible (Azure AD B2C) and out-of-the-box integrations make launching new services a cinch.

Boost customer loyalty and retention with the added security and ease of your passwordless access solution.