OLS360 Safe Workforce: Streamline Safety and HR Processes

One Logic Solutions Ltd.

OLS360 Safe Workforce: Streamline Safety and HR Processes

One Logic Solutions Ltd.

OLS360 Safe Workforce will make your safety and HR processes easier than ever.

Are you a business that needs a centralized location to manage and compile both your safety documents and employee records? OLS360 Safe Workforce has got you covered!

Please note that in order to acquire OLS360 Safe Workforce, you will first need to acquire the OLS360 Platform to unlock its full potential.

Simplify Safety and HR Management:

Most businesses struggle to maintain incident investigation records, track worker certifications, and gain complete employee overviews. OLS360 Safe Workforce is designed to address these challenges by providing an organized and easy-to-access central reporting archive. Seamlessly integrate with data analytic services for comprehensive reporting. This base solution can be quickly extended to add any new processes, ensuring flexibility for your evolving needs.

Powerful Features at Your Fingertips:

With OLS360 Safe Workforce, you gain access to a wide range of features to streamline your safety and HR processes:

  • Plan, schedule, and record emergency drills, then follow up on any recommended corrective actions.
  • Allow any worker to provide detailed safety observations.
  • Perform comprehensive incident reporting and investigations with multiple phases. Capture details like witness statements, injuries, damaged equipment, and investigation causes with supporting documents and pictures. Easily recommend and follow up on corrective actions.
  • Catalogue worker certificates, including electronic copies. Set up competencies and effortlessly track when worker certificates are about to expire.
  • Record worker’s drug and alcohol tests.
  • Capture different stages of an employee’s progressive discipline with supporting documents and suggested actions.
  • Allow employees to request absences, and collect employee and management approval signatures. Record and track employee unplanned absences.
  • And much more!

Efficiency and Productivity at Your Fingertips:

OLS360 Safe Workforce empowers you to:

  • Define KPIs at the company or individual process level.
  • Create and assign tasks associated with records to team members and track task progress.
  • Access your current and upcoming work through your home dashboard, broken down into easily understood tasks and processes, and organized by color-coded due dates.
  • Export full or sections of records, including pictures, tasks, history, and comments with an option to send by email.
  • Schedule events and/or repeating events, including emergency drills and new processes, and view them in calendar formats.
  • Search for virtually any record in a global search engine with the ability to filter results.
  • Allow external collaborators to take part in pre-determined business processes.
  • Modernize your enterprise reporting through the Power BI integration.

Embrace Safety and HR Excellence:

Integrate OLS360 Safe Workforce with the OLS360 Platform to optimize your safety and HR management. Experience a seamless and efficient workflow, empowering your organization with the tools needed for safety, compliance, and growth.

Take the first step towards streamlined operations and data-driven success. Contact us now to explore OLS360 Safe Workforce and transform your business today!