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The Symbio SaaS offers you at its core process modeling, analysis and process optimization.

Effortless process management

Start modeling your business process automatically. The Symbio SaaS offers you at its core process modeling, analysis and process optimization.

In addition, you can link all working areas of your company with each other to ensure that all departments focus on strategic goals. Symbio becomes therefore a company-wide integrated management system (IMS). Bring your data alive and connect your Symbio storage with Microsoft Power BI to analyze company data such as processes or strategy.

From BPM to IMS

With Symbio, you naturally receive the basic functions of every BPM tool: it supports you as a process management system by offering free reference models in BPMN format. Workflows for the procedures in process and quality management simplify and accelerate procedures and processes globally.

Set your customer in focus: create an optimized customer journey for your prospects and potential customers by optimizing your processes. You design and develop suitable touch points and strengthen long-term customer loyalty from the first contact to the purchase and beyond.

Ensure compliance: store all your documents such as guidelines, specifications or processes. Objects can be displayed in list views and filtered by specific criteria. In the long term, further optimization options are also available to you.

Register to continous benefits

From classic process management and optimization, Symbio provides value on an on-going basis. Register for a free trial and gain:

  • a holistic overview of all processes in your company and knowledge at all times which areas are related
  • visualization and automization of your processes. Through the additional optimization, you further expand potentials, eliminate risks, and generate added value through an optimal distribution of resources
  • transparent knowledge on each department. Complete process and project documentation make all processes in your company transparent for all employees. Working methods are comprehensible and support you sustainably, for example, when training new employees
  • agility in fast-moving times. Optimized processes enable you to react to customer requirements even at short notice and remain competitive in the long term. Customer satisfaction is also strengthened in the process
  • clearly documented processes and workflows to ensure compliance in your company. This also actively supports you in possible certifications
  • compliance and risk management in the company: Through complete documentation, you can provide regular

This application is available in [English, German].