BizRep - Mobile pharma CRM - SaaS


BizRep - Mobile pharma CRM - SaaS


Mobile medical/pharma CRM for medical representatives and pharma field sales teams

Give your representatives essential content and allow them to collect valuable customers information out in the medical or pharmaceutical field.

Are you a producer or distributor and wish you could engage in multiple projects without needing to hire more medical field representatives?

You can manage multiple pharma projects with the same reps team using BizRep and you can set different objectives for them using the web platform for managers

Are you struggling with generic CRMs?

We have 18+ years’ experience in building solutions for the healthcare industry so we got a fully customized app for medical reps: simple to use and implement

Are you spending lots of money on customizing standard CRMs to your workflow or on ERP integrations?

In less than 24 hours you can have a tool integrated with your ERP system, ready to exceed expectations.

BizRep is built on two elements: a mobile app for REPs and a web-based interface for managers.The solution can be integrated with many ERPs, it is easy to use, and can be customized for pharma and medical operation flow. BizRep is an ideal sales force management solution for pharmaceutical and dietary supplements producers, as well as pharma and medical equipment distributors.

  • Friendly UX for medical and pharma representatives
  • Customized for medical representatives’ workflow
  • Easy to implement
  • Affordable subscription
  • ERP integration