CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager v1.10.0

Thales eSecurity

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager v1.10.0

Thales eSecurity

Multi-Cloud Encryption Key Lifecycle Management

The Need For Customer Key Control

Microsoft Azure offers data-at-rest encryption and key management, but data protection mandates require that keys be stored and managed by customers. Microsoft Azure "Bring Your Own Key" (BYOK) services fulfills these requirements enabling customer key control. Customer key control allows for the separation, creation, ownership and control, including revocation, of encryption keys.

Multi-Cloud Key Life Cycle Management

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager reduces key management complexity and operational costs by giving customers lifecycle control of encryption keys with centralized management and visibility.

Strong Encryption Key Security

Customer key control presents requirements for secure key generation and storage. CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager leverages the security of the Vormetric Data Security Manager or CipherTrust Manager to create keys and store them with FIPS 140-2 security. With the requirement for key security mechanisms such as safe storage of cloud backup keys, CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager acts as a key escrow for Microsoft Azure and provides full key metadata control both during upload and for keys in use.

Delivering Enhanced IT Efficienty

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager offers multiple capabilities in support of enhanced IT efficiency:
  • Centralized Key Management gives you access to each cloud provider from a single browser window, including across multiple accounts or subscriptions
  • Automated key rotation offers both IT efficiency and enhanced data security
  • Federated login provides the simplest mechanism for granting user access to key data. Cloud service logins are authenticated and authorized by Microsoft Azure – no login database nor AD or LDAP configuration is required.
  • Access to all cloud providers from a single web tab, with key operations in the language of the cloud provider.

The Compliance Tools You Need

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager cloud-specific logs and prepackaged reports offer fast compliance reporting. Logs may also be directed to a syslog server or SIEM.