The easy way to deploy, run, and observe your ML in production at scale.

Wallaroo is a breakthrough platform for the last mile of ML, providing a simple, secure, and scalable deployment capability that fits into your end-to-end workflow.

Wallaroo’s breakthrough platform facilitates the last-mile of the machine learning journey - getting ML into your production environment and monitoring their ongoing performance - with incredible speed, scale, and efficiency. Companies across all industries including retail, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare are turning to Wallaroo to easily deploy and manage ML models at scale.

Our customers report up to:
  • 3x Quicker Launch
  • 12.5x Faster Analysis
  • 80% Better Efficiencies

  • 1 easy-to-use platform. 3 key components
    1. A self-service toolkit for easy model deployment and management
    2. Distributed compute engine allowing you to inference faster using fewer servers
    3. Observability, insights, and dashboards to monitor the ongoing performance of your models in production

    4. Wallaroo is designed to click into your ecosystem and seamlessly connect with everything around it. We provide a standardized process that ML engineering teams can use to deploy, run and observe models across platforms, clouds, and environments (in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge).

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