Govern Azure: 4-week Assessment

Applied Cloud Systems

4-Week Azure Governance assessment to create the foundation pillars for a well managed cloud computing environment.

Deploying workloads to the cloud can accelerate your business objectives, but it is important to manage the cloud like any other IT asset. Applied Cloud System's governance assessment can help lay the ground work to ensure your cloud computing environment is managed with the highest standards. Our assessment will include all aspects of the governance process including architecture, acceptable usage, security, monitoring, and cost management.


  1. Produce a subscription and resource group taxonomy structure that aligns with the CLIENT’s planned usage of Azure.

  2. Identify all potential in-scope resources types that will be deployed into Azure subscriptions and document acceptable usage of each service.

  3. Document the appropriate Azure regions to be used in the Azure deployment.

  4. Document Azure Portal Role Based Access Control (RBAC) mappings to Azure AD groups and membership.

  5. Produce a reference architecture for IaaS deployments including hybrid data center connectivity and virtual network design that includes core services such as Active Directory, Firewalling, Load Balancing, and DNS.

  6. Document standard naming conventions for in-scope resources that will be deployed into Azure subscriptions.

  7. Document cost management processes and procedures required for routine analysis and potential showbacks/chargebacks to consumers of Azure services.

  8. Document resource tagging requirements for Business, Financial, and Technical metadata associated with Azure resources.

  9. Identify opportunities for re-usable templates and automation routines including the appropriate tools to develop and support these processes.

  10. Identify and document processes and procedures for system management and monitoring activities including infrastructure upgrades / patching, log management & aggregation, SIEM integration, and monitoring & alerting.


  1. A written assessment document containing all information gathered from the assessment.