CloudTrack Strategy Documentation: 3 Day Workshop


CloudTrack Strategy is the first step of the CloudTrack journey in Atea. This document creation workshop is defined to create the cloud strategy documentation for the customers journey to the cloud.

Atea CloudTrack Strategy is created to ensure that you have a clear and well-defined scope and strategy for this journey. By utilizing key components from Microsoft’s Well-Architected Framework and Enterprise Scale, Atea’s vast experience as an Azure Expert MSP partner, as well as our consultant’s specializations on CAF’s Strategy, Plan, Ready and Adopt Phases we will help to establish the company strategy, align it with the organizational strategy and IT strategy, and build you a cloud strategy according to Azure best practices.

In the CloudTrack Strategy Document Creation Workshop we will help you map your cloud adoption strategy with measurable business outcomes, by addressing the following topics:

✓ What do you expect from your move to the cloud? ✓ What are your short, medium and long-term objectives? ✓ What are the criteria which define where apps or data reside? ✓ What are the next applications and databases which you have identified to move to the cloud?

By analyzing your answers on the questions above, we address the liabilities most businesses have in regard to a cloud journey. This is to make sure that the business understands the positive and also the negative effects. With this, our customers can build a strong business justification and get the whole team behind the decision.


Day 1

  • Define overall cloud strategy according to customer motivations
  • Evaluation of current infrastructure’s design according to future cloud strategy
  • Define the business case based on motivation

Day 2

  • Detailed gap analysis of required organizational and infrastructure changes Day 3
  • Present the created Strategy document for approval


From this workshop, you will receive a custom cloud strategy document. In addition, it can help your organization with the following:

  • Understand and define the business drivers and motivation
  • Develop a business case
  • Document business outcomes
  • Choose the first project