Hybrid and multi-cloud security and compliance leveraging Azure Arc: 1-Week Assessment

Redapt, Inc.

How to reduce risk and cost by establishing a single governance framework for all your workloads without additional overhead or additional approval processes

Businesses today are grappling with the challenge of adopting and adjusting to rapid technology advancements and are responding by adapting their infrastructure, applications, and operations to be cloud native. Hybrid and multi-cloud technologies that maximize the benefits of both private and public clouds are emerging as the viable operating model. However, this can lead to inefficient operations and the creation of silos, and there is an increasing need to manage the on-premises datacenters and multi-cloud environments with a simple Microsoft Azure based unified management and governance solution. Azure Arc enables a single pane of glass approach for management of virtual machines outside of Azure, in private and public clouds, datacenters, and at the edge, and extends Azure management to any virtual machines in any infrastructure. As part of a one-week hybrid and multi-cloud security and compliance readiness assessment and implementation pilot, Redapt will assist your organization in addressing key questions that need to be answered to effectively adopt Azure Arc.