Azure DevOps Automation: 3-Week Implementation

Cloud Conduction

Automate deployments to any cloud with your favorite tools like GitHub, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins and more with Azure DevOps.

We will implement best practices to optimize your deployments to production. After implementation, your organization will have fully working multi-stage CI/CD pipelines to production and projects which benefit from DevOps strategies. Agenda: Phase 1: Kick-off

  • Discuss organization's objective and expectations regarding DevOps practices
  • Collect information regarding deployment process and current applications
  • Understand project management and code reuse practices
Phase 2: Analysis of Environment
  • Analyze all the information and design a DevOps solution
Phase 3: Share Findings
  • Setting up Kanban Boards to track work items using sprints and backlogs
  • Implement git strategies
  • Creating multistage CI/CD pipelines
  • Implementation of manual testing
  • Importing of artifacts
  • Set up your DevOps organization with policies, permissions, notifications and processess
  • Set up DevOps monitoring Dashboard
Phase 4: Transforming your Organization
  • Give a walkthrough of the DevOps organization and the project setup inside of it
  • Provide training on how to use Azure DevOps to benefit your organization
  • Provide support throughout your transition
  • DevOps solution for your Applications
  • Presentation of discovered results
  • Strategic guidance on Azure DevOps
  • System Architecture diagrams
  • Reference documentation
  • Training and support
  • Base price - $25,000
  • 1 Application setup with CI/CD and release pipelines
  • 3 Environment deployment (Dev, QA, Production)
  • 1 Kanban board
  • 1 Basic DevOps monitoring dashboard
  • + Pipeline or deployment environment - $3,500
  • + Dashboard or Kanban board - $2,500
  • Automate testing process - $5,000