Azure Foundations Assessment: 4 weeks

Concurrency, Inc.

This assessment provides data-driven insight into your existing server and database resources to assess and build your cloud migration strategy.

A broad datacenter assessment to identify and prioritize cloud-ready workloads with Azure cost estimates, based on Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). • Executive Summary – overview of engagement scope, customer objectives being addressed, and recommendations based on analysis and outcome of engagement • Cloud Readiness Analysis – Identify VMs, DBs, and applications that are Azure-ready • Identification and Prioritization of all workloads, with specific categorization at least “End of Support”, “Aging Hardware”, “Low Consumption” and “Non-Production” (test/dev) and “Disaster Recovery” (DR) where applicable • Azure Recommendations by VM including the Azure profiles for both “As Built” and “Right-Sized” data with consumption estimates for Pay As You Go (PAYG) and Reserved Instance (RI) with AHUB pricing options. • CAF governance analysis & landing zone recommendations • Proposal and SOW to Migrate

  • Summary of Current environment
  • Server version
  • Actual Resource Summary
  • Recommended Azure Services
  • CAF / Governance best practices and Landing Zone Recommendations related to the Customer’s scope
  • Azure Cost Comparison and Benefits of AHUB
  • Azure solution recommendations
  • Azure Migration – next steps. Further sales stages (e.g., POC, hackfest), or migration plan and timing