Strategic Data: 4 weeks Workshop

dmlab Kft.

Discover data use cases and AI opportunities at your company together with Dmlab data scientists to accelerate becoming a data driven company.

Dmlab's Strategic Data Workshop focuses on an assessment of current data culture and data competency at your organisation. Mapping you company's data flow: sources, pipelines, structure and dashboards. Discover business cases to accelerate digital transformation. Input to a future data strategy that should be incorporated in business and IT plans. This is an acceleration package towards transforming to a data driven company. Keywords of the workshop are Azure, ML, AI, Big Data, Data Platform.

Weekly Agenda:

  • Week 1: Half a day workshop with the company experts and Dmlab data scientists, introduction, data culture assessment, data understanding, business requirements
  • Week 2: Dmlab analyses the data pipelines, inputs and required outcomes
  • Week 3: Dmlab works out the data map and our recommendations, suggested business cases
  • Week 4: Half a day workshop to present and discuss the data transition recommendations

Solution: An assessment and a report of digitalisation and AI use cases at your company. An expert recommendation for the first data science pilots implemented on an Azure Data Platform to verify ROI of use cases for the business.


  • A prioritized list of data project opportunities
  • We identify the analytical methods on Azure
  • We identify the project targets and implemetation conditions