Azure Onboarding and Governance: 2-weeks assessment


Before starting your Azure journey, you will need a good onboarding process with governance in place

Globeteam's Azure onboarding and governance comes with a focus on getting a secure, best practise governance model in Azure. When your business starts it's digitalization journey in Azure, it’s very important that your IT department is involved, and that you get a good design and governance modle in place for your Azure environment.

Globeteams Azure Onboarding and Governance is based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Enterprise Scale, and the 8 critical design areas is an integrated part of our model:

Environment design areas • Azure billing and Active Directory • Identity and access management • Networking and connectivity • Resource organization

Compliance design areas • Security • Management • Governance • Platform automation and DevOps

To ensure that these designareas are implemented in the Azure model, we have developed our own project methology, called VADIO. (Vision, Analysis, Design, Implementatio, Operation) The firste phases of the project, is the basis of this offer. You need to start with an assessment to discuss how your existing environment best fits, with these design areas.

The deliverables in this 2 weeks assessment are:

  • VISION workshop, with Project scope and describtion as outcome
  • ANALYSIS of existing environment and a Maturity report of your current environment, in order to ensure the basis for the right DESIGN of the solution

No company is equal, but with this method, you will get a best-practise implementation model, that is designed specifically to your business, and you infrastrcture.

By choosing Globeteam’s Azure Onboarding the company can achieve: • A secure platform for digital and innovative measures. • An Azure platform that focuses on best-practise, structure, security, and operational optimization.