Cloud Services: 1-Hour Briefing

iCubed srl

iCubed's Cloud offering derive from a deep investigation of company needs combined with the main Microsoft deliverables. The offering is introduced through a meeting with iCubed's representatives.

Redefine the way you do business leveraging Microsoft Azure potential that seamlessly connect people, assets, workflow, and business processes, empowering organizations to be more resilient.

Cloud computing is the future of enterprise applications and solutions. It provides a scalable and fast enterprise IT. Furthermore, the cloud provides the speed necessary for a company to bring new products to market quickly and become competitive in markets easily. Therefore, businesses in almost all industries, regardless of their size, scale and strategic goals, can benefit from the cloud, and in particular from Microsoft Azure. For these reasons, relying on remote servers for technology infrastructure, continuously modernizing business applications, automatizing the scalability of resources, and making accurate prediction for business results become the success keys for companies which choose the cloud. Thus, our solutions span over 4 main topics:

  • Cloud Adoption;
  • Application Modernisation;
  • Site Reliability Engineering;
  • Data Intelligence.