Web App Modernization: 8Wk Implementation

Immeo P/S

Immeo is a consultancy and Managed Service Provider providing technical assessments and assistance in connection with application modernization for customers looking to migrate and modernize to Azure.

Let Immeo analyze and assist you in modernizing your existing applications or adopt cloud native approaches to application architectures by leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure services.

Immeo help clients migrate their existing on-premises applications to Microsoft Azure and provides a complete service with an approach to follow the guidelines, define architecture and build solutions based on the Well-Architected Framework, consisting of security, reliability, performance efficiency, operational excellence and cost optimization best practices.

The Azure Web App Modernization service offering delivers the foundational framework for repeatable best practice, utilizing Microsoft cloud architecture blueprints and Azure DevOps processes.

The main goal is to modernize applications by using cloud native features and services, improving robustness and scalability, improving operational insight and giving you an enhanced management experience.

Immeo follows a phase divided approach consisting of an application assessment and design phase followed by an implementation and testing phase.

During the assessment and design phase, Immeo´s cloud application modernization team review the client’s organization´s and the application's unique requirements and dependencies to customize and accelerate the deployment of an appropriate Microsoft Azure based web application.

Following the Well-Architected Framework, key security, reliability, performance efficiency, operational excellence and cost optimization requirements are addressed in the beginning of the project, together with a technical backlog via a series of collaborative workshops and knowledge transfer sessions with the client.

During the implementation phase, Immeo´s cloud application modernization team will assure, that the client´s modernized applications are implemented and operational on Microsoft Azure in alignment with best practices, defined organizational standards and IT-policy.