Azure Security Accelerator: 3-Week Implementation

iTrellis LLC

Strengthen your Azure security posture with a comprehensive implementation of Azure Policy and Azure Defender, and establish a continuous security improvement plan.

Secure and govern your Azure environment with iTrellis's comprehensive Azure Security Accelerator. Deliverables include Azure Policy implementation, Azure Defender activation, and a continuous security improvement plan. This offering includes all the essential activities to strengthen your Azure security posture, whether you use internal resources or continue your project with iTrellis's expert consultants.

This service offering expedites the implementation of Azure security best practices and sets up Azure Policy and Azure Defender to ensure a compliant and protected cloud environment. During the first week, iTrellis assesses your current Azure environment, conducts Azure cost analysis, and identifies security and compliance requirements. In the second week, iTrellis implements Azure Policy and activates and configures Azure Defender. Then in the final week, iTrellis sets up monitoring and incident response plans, and delivers comprehensive documentation of the implementation. With this turn-key service offering, your team gains a secure and compliant Azure environment, ready to support your business operations.

Week 1

  • Interview stakeholders to understand security, compliance, and governance requirements.
  • Assess the current Azure environment and identify critical assets and resources.
  • Analyze potential costs associated with Azure Policy and Azure Defender implementation.

Week 2

  • Implement Azure Policy by defining and assigning custom or built-in policies based on client requirements.
  • Activate and configure Azure Defender plans and settings.

Week 3

  • Set up monitoring, reporting, and alert management.
  • Create a continuous security improvement plan.
  • Deliver comprehensive documentation of implemented Azure Policy and Azure Defender.

The services provided in this offering will be performed on a time and materials basis. Variables that will determine the final price and duration include the complexity of the Azure environment, the number of policies, and the scope of Azure Defender coverage. iTrellis's team can also provide additional security services, such as vulnerability assessments and security awareness training, at an additional cost.

iTrellis creates innovative and impactful technology solutions for startups and Fortune 100 companies. We are extending this service offer to help your team secure and govern your Azure environment.