Data Analytics: 4-Wk Implementation


Take control of your data and enable your stakeholders with access to insights, reports and analysis via PowerBI dashboards

Utilising our structured Data Discovery Process, Empirics will enable you to access insights to your data from within your integrated Azure data environment via PowerBI. We can build, visualise and automate your specific Data Analytics projects using PowerBI Dashboards and establish your stakeholders with training and and support to build your self-service own analysis. PowerBI will allow you to deep-dive into your data to find business and customer improvement opportunities. All your dashboards can be simply accessed across across multiple business stakeholders and are aligned to your business language and your brand guidelines. We specialise in the development and deployment of PowerBI.

Empirics provide advanced Data Science and Analytics services and solutions for a wide range of Industry sectors to drive customer growth, retention, and engagement strategies. With our heritage in financial services, our Data Intelligence team are specialists in a wide range of Azure Machine Learning modelling techniques, languages, predictive analytics, data visualisation and sector specific problem solving.

A Data Analytics project is completed via the following core phases: • Requirements Gathering – Consolidation of data discovery elements, branding, business language and project scope • Exploratory Data Analysis – Review, analysis and oversight of available data for project • Solution Development – Build of the underlying data model components in Azure • Solution QA – Testing of the underlying data model components • PowerBI Dashboarding Development – Build of the data visualisation dashboards • Dashboarding QA – Testing of PowerBI dashboard functionality and features • UAT Support – Data validation and formal acceptance of project • PowerBI Licenses – Provision of additional PowerBI user licenses as required

Empirics will work in collaboration with you to develop your specific Data Analytics project. Examples of project can include: • Project Consultancy & Proof of Concepts (POC’s) • Executive KPI and Scorecard Reporting • Financial Advice or Marketing Campaign Attribution • Financial Services Reporting, Analysis and Insights • Customer Engagement Index • Customer Journey Mapping • Time Series Forecasting & Data Anomaly Detection

Key Benefits and Value to your Business • Use PowerBI to gain the right insights into your available data by leveraging sophisticated data integrated techniques from Azure • Drive the best outcomes for stakeholders using live and refreshed data via PowerBI • Establish the best methodologies and approach surrounding data modelling options and techniques to solve your business challenges and to maximise your return on investment from Azure