AI & Data Discovery 2-Week Workshop


Book our 2 weeks AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Data Discovery Workshop and find out how to make your data work for you. Information is a powerful resource. Your business already has lots of it.

Over the course, we will help your team identify the key pain points and develop a suitable data strategy. Our experts will prepare an in-depth report detailing the long-term plan, required architecture and skills to make sure you can make the most of the information you have. They will introduce also all possibilities of Azure AI and create a Data Discovery Report.

Gain insights into:

  • Strategy and long-term considerations, including a customized road map, timeline and a comparison of “what is” and “what can be”
  • Gap analysis, covering current technology, desired architecture, and requirements in terms of technology, licenses, and skills
  • High-level design, featuring a general overview, business process, and technical architecture.

Example of Workshop Agenda:

  • PHASE 1: DAY 1: INSPIRATION: 2 x online sessions covering AI and Modern Data Warehouse; Q&A sessions; short evaluation surveys; case studies showcase.
  • PHASE 2: 6-DAY: DISCOVERY: brainstorming sessions featuring whiteboarding and idea generation; establishing priorities (cost vs time vs profit) in a graphic form; AI Project Canvas session on project business value; technical assessment of AI readiness and data maturity, scoping.
  • PHASE 3: 3-DAY: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Development of Data Strategy; Presentation of document including: Use cases for AI implementation, Recommendations, Estimated implementation costs and Scope of work.

The full price of the service is 43500 PLN which covers 80 consulting hours and the development of a Data Strategy based on a single business department. Other costs like etc. “Travel and requirement for on-site work” ; are not included - require further arrangements.

Services shall be provided remotely.