Defender for IOT Risk Assessment - 4-Wk Assessment


The assessment will create awareness and understanding of the risks business face for OT and IOT technology. Using Azure Sentinel and Defender for IOT to protect your I/OT technology

Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for IOT are key Azure technologies that will protect your business. This risk assessment will provide you the roadmap for what you need to protect and how you need to protect your IoT and OT technologies.
As businesses increasingly rely on connected devices to optimize their operations, the number of IoT and Operational Technology (OT) endpoints is growing dramatically. These environments often increase an organization’s security risk as they are infrequently designed with modern controls (i.e. automated patching and strong credentials). Defender for IoT adds a critical layer of security for this expanding endpoint ecosystem, delivering 3 key values:

  1. INSTANTLY DISCOVER THE UNKNOWN: Customers often are unaware of what is running in their environments - Assessments and inventory can be done instantly with close to zero effort
  2. NO CONNECTIVITY REQUIRED: Monitor advanced IoT / Operational Technology environments with or without a network connection
  3. END TO END SECURITY: Integrate across the entire Microsoft Security portfolio to provide end-to-end security that only Microsoft can deliver