Azure Baseline Check: 4-Wk Assessment

PwC GmbH WPG (Germany)

Get a deep insight at your settings and activities and compare them with a security baseline created by PwC.

Cloud services are gaining more and more relevance in the current time and are indispensable for scalable business areas. Rapid cloud transformations with the lack of security experience can easily lead to misconfigurations and thus make the cloud environment vulnerable. Even a single misconfiguration can lead to major consequences for your companies cloud environment. However, the verification and interpretation of misconfigurations is very time-consuming and complex. With our long experience in this area, we provide a simple solution.

The Azure Baseline Check helps you to understand the cloud security objectives and requirements regarding specific domains such as Identity Management, Access Management, Network Security, Data Protection and Logging & Monitoring. In addition, It also identifies potential security challenges in your corporate Azure environment and provides recommendations for the next steps on how to improve your cloud security.

What is our approach?

  1. Process Check: A catalogue of questions is used to find out whether the necessary guidelines, processes and work instructions are in place to regulate the technical implementation. Additional questions are asked with regards to technical controls, if necessary.

  2. Configuration Check: A technical control catalogue consisting of technical cybersecurity best practices, is used to identify technical baseline implementation in the Azure environment. No influence is exerted on the customer's working environment, only settings are checked. The procedure is automated by the PWC CCSI-Tool.

Based on our approach and your resources deployed in the Azure environment we provide you a report and an independent tailored first “Cybersecurity Baseline” for your specific cloud adoption.