AI Pilot - 10-week Implementation


In a 10-week AI Pilot project, we help clients build AI solutions and prepare them for deployment at scale.

At Radix, we believe in building AI solutions that empower employees to their best work. Whether your organization is looking to reduce costs, reduce effort, or increase customer satisfaction, AI can help you reach these objectives. In a Pilot project, our team will develop together with you an AI solution leveraging Microsoft Azure and open source technologies, built in such a way that it can be deployed at scale after the Pilot. Our Pilot projects are built around four pillars (1) measure and maximize the business impact, (2) focus on user experience by involving end-users early on, (3) build working solutions from the start, and (4) fast iteration through Agile development. During a period of 10 weeks, you'll have access to a team of machine learning engineers, UX/UI designers, software engineers, and project managers. The Radix team leverages 10 years of experience in designing, developing, and scaling AI solutions.

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