Azure Red Hat OpenShift: 1-Wk App Dev Implementation Sprint

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Accelerate your application migration and modernization to OpenShift on Azure

Get started with Azure Red Hat® OpenShift® (ARO) faster with Red Hat Consulting services. Red Hat experts work with you to migrate your applications to ARO. Our consultants work directly with your team to implement tested application modernization strategies that take advantage of Kubernetes and ARO platform capabilities like auto-scaling, logging, monitoring, and container-native continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD).

Major Work Streams Can Include

  • Container-readiness workshops to help you assess and prioritize your workloads for migration and understand the benefits of container application release engineering.
  • Modernization of a single application to run in containers, orchestrated via Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh to deliver a reliable, repeatable, and rapid development and deployment experience.
  • Full-Stack greenfield cloud native application development services to strategize, design, and implement your next generation of application delivery capabilities
  • Release engineering for containerized applications, including development of container-native CI/CD pipelines.
  • Integration into select Azure native services and other third party tools as required for production-ready application development and deployment.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerate application migration to Azure Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Learn how to use Azure Red Hat OpenShift for application development from the industry experts.
  • Learn how to migrate legacy applications to ARO.
  • Understand container-native CI/CD and production release strategies.
  • Build a comprehensive cloud native development capability which better aligns to business outcomes

Pricing & Staffing

Red Hat Consulting services for application migration and modernization are sold in weekly increments at an estimated $18,320.00 per week. Actual pricing, duration and scope are dependent upon your use case. Contact us for a free Discovery Session.

Team Composition

  • Project Manager - 10hrs/week
  • Senior Architect - 12hrs/week
  • Senior Consultant - 40hrs/week

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