Slalom AKS Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation

Slalom Consulting

The Slalom Azure Kubernetes Service accelerator brings your organization from zero to deployed apps, policies, and security in seconds

Containers reduce environment drift. The container orchestrators provide availability, simplify deployment and maximize infrastructure utilization. The Slalom AKS Accelerator was created in order to shorten the onboarding, or Sprint 0, of all projects using AKS. We utilize four core principles:

Modular - each section is capable of separate deployment

Secure - Using modern tools to ensure secure code from IaC to app code for faster debugging feedback

End-to-end - Complete handling of underlying infrastructure and the key connections between Azure and the application

MVP - starting with a secure MVP, we then customize the deployment to fit all the unique needs of your organization

With all this reduced overhead, developers will reclaim time and energy that can eb spent developing reliable and scalable products. This is an opinionated Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) deployment that will stand up all necessary parts for developing on a Kubernetes platform using AKS, and Azure DevOps (ADO). Our priority is to utilize native Microsoft/Azure services to accomplish building out the environment for Kubernetes including: * AKS * Azure Key Vault * Azure Load Balancer * Azure App Gateway * Azure Monitor * Azure DevOps