SAP on Azure: 2-Wk implementation with Sentinel

SPAN d.d.

Enhance the security of your Azure SAP environment to make it less vulnerable to cyber attacks. Azure Sentinel provides excellent opportunities for enterprise protection.

SAP is the core system for many enterprise organizations. SAP includes multiple business applications and is the central place for organizations critical and sensitive data During the expansion of the organization, SAP systems are growing in complexity beyond the base capabilities. This growth causes significant security risks such as data leaks, errors introduced into data, or system held hostage. Azure Sentinel is SIEM solution that detects threats and alerts you without delay. We use Azure Sentinel ’s visibility threat detection and investigation tools to help you get control and insight across all aspects of your SAP environment.


  1. Deployment of the Azure Sentinel
  2. Azure Sentinel integration with SAP environment
  3. Audit logging Strategy: We recommend events for logging, setting procedures, backuping, retention policies and documenting for compliance
  4. Continuous monitoring with Span SOC: catch important SAP threats like system configuration changes, execution of sensitive function modules, and suspicious activity by privileged users using Span SOC

Benefits: Multi layered coverage: An SAP threat monitoring cover s both the infrastructure layer (virtual machine, storage, and network) as well as the business and applicative layers Rich insight into SAP applicative and transactional data Correlation across enterprise data sources: cross correlation across data sources such as network, storage, or identity data, as well as across other entities, such as systems and users. Flexible deployment: SAP system can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, or hybrid Customizability: The SAP threat monitoring is open to modification and includes the ability to build or import your security content, so you can tailor detection to your specific environment.