Azure Cloud Strategy: 4-Week Assessment

Valence Group

The Cloud Strategy Assessment will look at your current business challenges, processes, and cloud needs to provide a recommendation to harness the power of Azure to solve business problems.

Valence has a proven approach to perform a cloud strategy assessment. We work closely with your team to understand your business and processes. During the evaluation, Valence will determine the scope and goals, assess the current business processes, applications, and IT infrastructure, and provide an Azure cloud recommendation.


As part of the 4-week assessment, Valence will conduct the engagement in three phases:

Phase 1: Discover

The readiness assessment begins by reviewing your organization’s existing IT infrastructure, business process, and operations. The primary goal is defining and agreeing on the scope and the business case for using the Azure cloud.

Phase 2: Assess

This phase includes understanding problem areas and challenges identified in the Learn phase and how to address those with a cloud solution. We will determine which applications and processes are candidates for using Azure and the requirements.

Phase 3: Plan

The final phase will provide recommendations based on our findings and provide you with the right information to understand what is required to utilize the Azure cloud and Azure cloud services. The proposal will include a roadmap, timeline, and estimated cost and align with company goals identified in the Learn phase.


Deliverables of the assessment will include:

  • Define existing business challenges and provide documentation on how Azure cloud services can help
  • Provide a detailed scope definition of using Azure cloud services to address business goals related to Azure cloud services
  • Create a detailed Cloud Strategy Roadmap that includes applications, processes and cloud/infrastructure recommendations
  • A high level architecture of cloud implementation/adoption strategy
  • Provide an estimated timeline and cost for next steps

The estimate may vary based on the customer's budget and requirements.