Assessment - Security - 1-Month

Zones, LLC

Analysis of your cross-platform security posture—evaluating vulnerabilities and identity risks with recommendations to mitigate

Zones and Microsoft is offering a Security Assessment for IT and Business Decision Makers . This is an opportunity to assess your resources and business objectives to develop a fresh approach to your security strategy. What’s included:

-Strategy & Plan Workshop to identify your business priorities, timelines and milestones in the upcoming year for successful secure cloud adoption. Review Zero Trust Framework.  -Review Office 365 & Azure Secure Scores and provide recommendations to improve. Secure Score looks at the resources created in Azure and multiple areas within the Office 365 and Azure Active Directory environment. -Review software, server and desktop assets to identify  unsupported desktop and server operating systems, unmanaged devices, and user vulnerabilities. -Receive dedicated support from Microsoft throughout the duration of the engagement to ensure objectives have been met

Ideal for customers concerned about:

  • Understanding their vulnerabilities to cyber-attack & risk of business loss
  • Aligning data compliance policies to industry standards
  • Integrating identity management into key business operations