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aiProtect Denial of Service Protection

aiProtect identifies and mitigates DDoS attacks, while alerting and informing you about the source.

aiProtect automates the identification and mitigation of Denial of Service (DoS & DDOS) attacks, while providing detailed reporting necessary to end the attack.

It is a reverse proxy placed between your origin server and the web, that identifies attackers and blocks their requests, while reporting offending addresses so your network provider can stop the attack.

aiProtect uses a unique Intelligent request throttling. It limits requesting clients to a certain number of requests per interval. For example, aiProtect can limit a client to 20 requests per 10 seconds. This method of throttling is different from simple RPS-limiting and is much more user friendly. If your typical page consists of 10-15 items, such a limit will allow users to view a complete page every 10 seconds, presenting no inconvenience for a human, but preventing bots from taking down your server.

aiProtect can be run non-stop without affecting the speed of your existing application.

Please contact us for a free technical consult. We provide 2 hours of free deployment support*.

For more information check out our video, getting started guide, BYOL pricing and aiProtect configuration options


*Note: The 2 hours of free deployment is not available, if your site is currently under attack.