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ArangoDB - the multi-model NoSQL database

The multi-model NoSQL database that supports documents, graphs and key/values.

ArangoDB is a multi-model database


  • is open source and free (Apache 2 license),
  • offers convenient queries (via HTTP/REST and AQL),
  • including joins between different collections,
  • configurable consistency guarantees using transactions memory efficient by shape detection,
  • uses JavaScript throughout (Google’s V8 built into server),
  • API extensible by JS code in the Foxx Microservice Framework,
  • offers many drivers for a wide range of languages,
  • is easy to use with web ui + graph viewer and good documentation,
  • overhauled cluster, streamlined graph functionalities, persistent indexes, a new binary storage format
  • and enjoys good community as well as professional support.
The default user is 'root'. An empty password has been set. Please change it by executing /usr/sbin/arango-secure-installation