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C21 Live Cloud Mosaic

Cires21 S.L.
Live Streaming Monitoring Cloud Solution.

Live Streaming supervision multiviewer with simultaneous display of all streaming formats, statistics and alerts. Record and remote streaming on multiple devices.

Key features

  • Supported formats: Smooth Streaming, DASH, HLS, HDS, RTMP, HTTP Progressive Download and many more
  • Attended monitoring for live streaming content
  • Distributed monitoring based on Azure Regions
  • All streaming protocols supported
  • Configurable and auto layout
  • Visualization of previews, publish URLs and real time data
  • Remote streaming visualization of monitored content
  • Up to 3 virtual screens

Other features

  • Full REST API for integration
  • Simultaneous display of audio and video streams format supported
  • Screen with configurable grid for video/audio playback areas
  • MIB SNMP, sound, visible, mail and push webservice alerts
  • Stream recording
  • Adjustable visualization areas
  • Configurable views
  • Video controls: deinterlace, brightness, contrast, saturation, aspect ratio and fullscreen
  • Audio controls: volume, mute and vumeters
  • Clocks, images and texts display option