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MemSQL Community Edition

The Real-Time Database for Transactions and Analytics

A Real-Time Database that Fits Your Business

MemSQL combines transactions and analytics for sub-second data processing and reporting. Enterprises can easily build real-time applications to instantly respond to changes in their business, make better decisions, and deliver precision insights with real-time reporting.

With MemSQL, you can:

  • Ingest and serve data simultaneously
  • Deliver real-time data and analytics to applications with growing user bases
  • Detect and respond to changes in your business the moment they happen

Selected features

  • MySQL driver compatibility
  • Free forever
  • Unlimited Scale and Capacity
  • Real-Time In-Memory Processing
  • Relational, JSON, and Geospatial Data
  • Scale-Out on Commodity Servers or the Cloud
  • Concurrent Transactions and Analytics
  • ANSI SQL Support
  • Multi-Statement Transactions
  • Compiled Queries
  • Fully-distributed JOINs
  • Full Durability to Disk
  • In-Memory Tables
  • On-Disk Tables
  • Massively Parallel Execution
  • Lock Free Data Structures
  • Geospatial Support
  • JSON Support
  • Cluster Management
Please Note: MemSQL will not run on systems with less than 4 CPU cores.