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Slamby API

Instant, Built-in Data Management API for text classification and matchmaking.

Slamby API Commercial

Instant, Built-in Data Management Server for text classification and matchmaking.

Great solution for e-commerce and job portal companies.

Automize your data management workflows, use built-in NLP solutions. Dedicated servers, high data privacy, sophisticated Rest API, related GUI.

Technical details:

Detailed installation guide and settings:

With Slamby you can:

  • Store and manage your data easily
  • Run high-performance search queries
  • Run ready to use machine learning for e-commerce
  • Get high data security and privacy
  • Create category recommendation engine
  • Create similar product recommendation engine, matchmaking
  • Get keywords from text
  • Do duplicate checking
  • Do fraud detection


This purchase contains basic, community support.

Available Support options:

  • Basic, community 0 €
  • Professional (Next business day) 2000 € / year
  • Production (3 hours SLA) 6000 € / year

For higher SLA support please connect our sales at