TopicalApps for Business-Process Management

Binding Curve LLC

TopicalApps for Business-Process Management

Binding Curve LLC

Business-Process Management Software for Sustainable Safety, Quality, and Service

TopicalApps is a software platform for managing many business processes and workflows well, at a price you can both afford and justify. You may automate any number of processes, now or in the future, for a single price. But even if you use TopicalApps for just one thing, it will likely be worth it.

To us a Topic is anything where details matter. Those details become Topical when you manage them through a smart process. TopicalApps is a toolkit for focusing detailed attention on the things that matter most now and using process results later to see a bigger picture.

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Organizations use TopicalApps to digitize this proven approach to sustaining high levels of safety, quality, and service:

1. Define process details, rules, and checkpoints.
2. Make them easy to follow and expected.
3. Verify individual results, find patterns in the overall data, and make adjustments for improvement.
4. Support all processes with a general Corrective Action Program (CAP).

You can apply it to almost any activity, resulting in greater care and efficiency. You can also bundle procedures, supporting documents, and other elements into full Electronic Work Packages (EWP).

Whether you run a local business, a high precision operation for a global organization, or anything in between, TopicalApps can work for you.

You configure app templates with your details. This requires some thinking but the mechanics are easy to operate. The rest is built in.