Azure Workforce Development: 2-Hr Assessment


Tap into New Microsoft-Trained Talent Pools for Azure App Modernization, DevOps, and Data Engineering

Interested in gaining a competitive edge with a new source of diverse, highly-productive Azure tech talent?

Where traditional technology talent is often expensive, homogeneous and scarce, Catalyte delivers high-performing Microsoft-skilled technology workforces that are cost-effective, predictable, diverse, local and sustainable. As outlined in the following three integral steps, we transform latent talent into highly productive, reliable tech resources.

  1. Discover candidates from non-traditional backgrounds who have the potential to become high-performing software engineers, using over 20 years of data.
  2. Train qualified candidates through a rigorous, data-informed software development training program that includes both full stack technical and interpersonal skills.
  3. Advance apprentice developers through a structured and supportive learning environment that fosters accelerated growth and proficiency.
Customer Value delivered includes:
  • Microsoft-skilled
  • High performing
  • Cost-effective
  • Predictable
  • Diverse
  • US based, and often local
  • Sustainable
We offer a free 2-hour consultation to understand your needs and goals and explore ways that Catalyte can help you build a more diverse and productive Microsoft-skilled workforce. Your investment in Azure combined with our workforce development model will enable you to effectively build products and services that drive your organization forward.


  • Review current and planned Azure initiatives
  • Identify skills gaps and potential fit for Catalyte resources, with sample profiles including:
  • .NET full stack developers
  • Azure DevOps engineers
  • Azure Data engineers
  • Power Platform developers
  • Establish plan and approach to Microsoft-trained resources via contract or contract-to-hire