Cloud Native - Advance Vision: 1-Day Workshop


Build a vision for your cloud native future with our expert support. Generate a tangible and realistic transformation plan. Quickly translate vision into action and action into outcomes.

Kainos has a 36+ year history helping organisations of all sizes adopt technology and drive transformation on their terms. We are Azure cloud specialists holding multiple advanced specialisations including in Kubernetes, Windows, SQL Server, Linux and Opensource technologies.

What do you get?

We will co-create a high-level transformation and cloud modernisation roadmap including:
  • High Level plan: A impartial view of how to achieve your future vision including key tasks and costs
  • Expert advice: With 200+ specialist Microsoft certifications, we have 160+ cloud platform specialists
  • Industry alignment: Aligned to Microsoft Cloud Adoption and Well Architected frameworks
  • Rapid understanding: Quickly determine which areas of your business need to adopt changes and how that can be achieved

How does this work?

Discovery workshop
In advance of the 1-day workshop we will circulate a detailed agenda and request required inputs. We will:
  • Focus on your business, its challenges, and any market pressures/opportunities
  • Discuss current-state, future vision, and any in-flight transformation/modernisation initiatives
  • Discuss current capabilities, processes, technologies and ways-of-working in support of the above
We will thoroughly analyse the workshop findings to produce high-level plan for how we would recommend delivering your future vision. Our analysis will encompass people, process, and technology – not just the latter.

We’ll walk you through our recommendations including:
  • Key activities, business prioritisation, modernisation sequencing, enablement needs, major risks/mitigations, security & compliance factors, and potential costs
  • Opportunities to accelerate progress and provide rapid outcomes

Why Kainos?

We don’t lead with technology - we first understand your business problems and work backwards from that.