Kollective ECDN for Software Delivery


Kollective ECDN for Software Delivery


Accelerate and Streamline your SCCM Content Delivery

Solving the Network Bandwidth Challenge

Kollective leverages Azure to provide a secure cloud-native architecture and unique peering technology to deliver software more efficiently and at scale through an integration with your SCCM. The unique solution allows you to offload delivery from the WAN, saving 95% of the bandwidth typically consumed by software delivery.

Faster, More Efficient Software Distribution

Achieve 70% faster deployments with 100% confidence. With Kollective’s smart peering technology, computers can download updates from nearby devices instead of waiting for remote distribution points to significantly improve the speed of delivery.

Endpoint Security to the Edge of Your Network

Faster software patch deployments mean improved endpoint security. Reduce your endpoint vulnerabilities by updating software instantly across the enterprise network. With Kollective you’ll avoid the patch deployment backlog and instantly see your success through Kollective IQ analytics.

Streamline Operating System Deployment Lifecycle

Kollective integrates with SCCM to streamline and automate your existing Operating System Deployment (OSD) processes, providing an end-to-end lifecycle solution. From bare metal machines to post-deployment analytics and monitoring, you’ll have a complete view of your OSD lifecycle.

  • Fully automate Windows deployments without complex infrastructure
  • Efficient delivery of image files reducing network congestion
  • Monitor and review image deployment performance in real-time

Building a Smarter Delivery Network

Kollective automatically creates a mesh peering grid, no manual configuration required. It leverages an Azure-based, cloud-native architecture to work around chokepoints in your network to distribute bandwidth-heavy content to machines. Once a single copy is downloaded from the cloud, local copies are shared across the LAN through intelligent peering.

Solve the Remote Office and Remote Worker Bandwidth Challenge

Kollective solves the challenges of getting software updates to the remote office and those working from home. You will no longer be limited by bandwidth or the capacity of your VPN. Software will be delivered faster and more efficiently without impacting critical business applications.

Software Delivery Analytics

Kollective IQ is an analytics platform for content delivery, allowing you to easily create dashboards and reports. It’s drill-down capabilities provide the metrics your organization needs to better understand network performance and verify the success of deliveries.