Azure Native Integration PaaS: 6-week Assessment

Adastra Corporation

Connect applications and services on-premises and in the cloud with Adastra’s Azure Native Integration PaaS 6-week Assessment


  • Connect applications located anywhere within your organization
  • Connect applications inside your organization with a business partner
  • Connect applications inside your organization with a SaaS application
  • Integrate applications with IoT devices

Accelerate guaranteed message delivery for A2A, B2B, EDI, and MFT use cases, using Adastra’s iPaaS framework built on Azure Logic Apps / Service Bus.

What’s Included:

Foundation (3-weeks)

  • Execute Discovery (goals / outcomes, systems, event types, technical requirements, …)
  • Define Azure Architecture / Governance (service, network, endpoint, security, retry, exception, monitor, alert, devops) Define Event Map / Volumetrics
  • Provide TCO for Azure Solution
  • Define Roadmap for Event Adoption
  • Implement Azure Services
  • Identify Pilot Use Case

Pilot (3-weeks)

  • Define Business Requirements Specification (event details, schema’s, mappings, transformations, …)
  • Define Technical Design Specification
  • Build Queue / Flow / EndPoint Solution
  • Perform QA / UAT Testing
  • Deploy to Production