Mining Analytics: 3-Week Assessment

Adastra Corporation

Accelerate your Azure Intelligent Data Platform & IIOT adoption and address current and Intelligent Mining goals, delivering tangible business value

What's Included:

  • Identify future-state IIoT goals ​
  • Assess current IIoT environment and IIoT connectively​
  • Validate analytics logic for implementation in Azure IoT / Synapse​
  • Design / size / cost Azure IoT / Synapse / Databricks service design and network design​
  • Define security design for Azure IoT / Synapse/ Databricks environment​
  • Define technical governance for Azure IoT / Synapse / Databricks environment​
  • Build migration roadmap / plan

Mining Analytic Solutions

Mine Efficiency Analytics​: Enable centralized analysis and OEE KPI’s for global mining across all mine sites. Deliver “analysis as a service” to mine operators and customers, facilitating self service insights. Provides a global enterprise view for global mining activities.​

Price Index Forecasting​: Using macroeconomic indicators, achieve >90% accuracy for up to 12M index forecasting. Leverages external sources like Bloomberg, Fastmarkets, Metal Statistics, etc. Successfully proven predictive model that delivered accurate value / magnitude forecasting of exchange data (i.e. London Metal Exchange).​

Drill and Blast Optimization​: Determines optimal geolocations for drilling to achieve improved mining yields. Guides engineer decision-making process to determine ideal​ blast locations. Produces map overlays of the mine site with optimal drill locations, yield production estimates for different drill patterns, and​ KPI reports.​

Asset Optimization​: Analyze equipment efficiency by operators, to determine which / how operators are most effective and deliver the highest yields, and where there are transportation quality issues within the mine site. Improve production through operator training and transport network improvements.​

Asset Health Monitoring​: Through IoT / Cloud integration, monitor mining equipment assets in real time. Evaluate equipment health and alert to potential issues before outages occur, via a real-time dashboard viewed by mining operators in the mine operations office. Also facilitates real time visibility global mine equipment.​

Cognitive Vision Tracking​: Use video / image stream data to track individuals as they move through mining sites, to improve safety by understanding user location and automatically detect correct personal protection equipment use. ​

​Predictive Maintenance​: Improve mining equipment uptime and reduce operating costs, by proactively scheduling maintenance before equipment issues occur. Predictions are targeted thru models trained from real equipment history.​

​Fulfillment Optimization​: Leverage Adastra Blindspot to optimize equipment routing within your mine sites, to ensure equipment and staff are following the most efficient routes possible when mining resources.​

​Enterprise Search​: Facilitate intelligent search and analysis on unstructured data, unlocking insights from difficult to access information. For example, enable cross factory insights for purchase orders from common vendors.​

Text Translation​: Enable global use of regional documents, by automatically translating documents into multiple languages, thereby ensuring methods and best practices built in one region are adopted by others.​

​Custom Solution​: Adastra will leverage cloud technology to deliver a custom analytic solution, achieving differentiating insights and proving the value of cloud technology through the use case.​