Lead Generation with AI Implementation: 2-Wk.

adesso SE

The solution is looking for relevant information on the Internet and through Azure Machine Learning. The AI-supported processing of the collected data leads to an increased quality of leads.

Our offer to get started

  • Identify your requirements for a Lead Machine
  • Identification of use cases and potential for improvement
  • Development of a functional Pilot through a PoC
  • Enablement and coaching of your employees with the new application possibilities by adesso


-Week 1: Requirements Engineering, Workshop, Model training, infrastructure and implementation of the solution

-Week 2: Quality assurance, Documentation, Training and Changemanagement

Why customers use the solution

  • No time-consuming manual web search by sales employees
  • More valid leads through AI based evaluation
  • Continuous improvement through Azure AI Services for high-quality data
  • Clear presentation using PowerBI
  • Cost reductions
  • High integration depth into the Microsoft landscape


  • Costs for consulting
  • Development of the proof of concept (e.g. interfaces)
  • Depending on the search function (Consumption)
  • Additional licenses (e.g. Dynamics)
  • Travel costs