Single Customer View: Free 1 Day Planning Workshop

Agile Solutions GB Ltd

Plan the delivery of a Single Customer View (SCV) with ability to acquire new customers, go beyond onboarding and drive loyalty through ongoing engagement.

1 Day Workshop & Planning engagement to identify business use cases, infrastructure requirements, Azure architecture and delivery structure of a Single Customer View (SCV) Solution.

Single Customer View Challenges: A great customer experience drives loyalty and protects business revenue. To compete on customer experience is to win the war on loyalty while ensuring compliance to regulation. Understanding your customers and their evolving expectations requires a Single Customer View (SCV) with an actionable ability to acquire new customers, go beyond onboarding and drive loyalty through relevant ongoing engagement.

Any customer facing business needs to personalise and target communications, Identify cross service and product opportunities that were previously hidden. Act and correct negative customer concerns and avoid repeating questioning or communications. Prioritise top customers to offer the quality that aligns to their value.

Azure Data Platform Options:

  • Integrate data from premise through direct integration & Azure Stack options
  • Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake or Azure SQL Database
  • Optional NoSQL on Azure
  • Analyse, Visualise and report on Customer activity through PowerBi

Our Planning Workshop Covers 5 key agenda items

  • Business Requirements & Priorities
  • Infrastructure management & sizing
  • Architecture current, preferred & possible
  • Delivery Planning, timescales, delivery velocity, implementation preference
  • Ongoing support requirements

Outcome from the 1 day workshop A completed programme delivery plan & statement of work including:

  • Executive Summary
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Required Architecture inventory & related diagrams
  • Project & Resource Plans
  • Testing, Implementation & cutover Plan
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