Data Strategy and Roadmap: 2 month assessment


A proper Data Strategy allows you to give data a central place within your organization and put your data to good use. Arranging your data properly and gain more decisive insights to make data-driven

In these challenging times of rising energy prices & shortage in the recruitment pipeline, organizations are pushed to be even more competitive as before to maintain their current market position. Already immediately a pertinent questions arise on how to realize this. How can we increase our efficiency? I want to back my decisions with sound data insights, how can I do this? How can I boost my commercial and operational performance with data and AI? We want to become a data-driven organization, what does it take? How does this strategy translate into an Azure Data Architecture? Algorhythm can guide you towards a clear and actionable data strategy. Based on a technical assessment of the current data environment on the one hand, an a thorough understanding of your business' and data user needs, Algorhythm makes a detailed data strategy and translates this into a future-proof Azure Data Architecture. The data strategy has several deliverables: a data vision and mission, an inventory of prioritized data use cases, a conceptual and technical Azure Data Architecture and a prioritized roadmap. This strategy, architecture and roadmap gives you a prioritized sequence of data initiatives in order to reach your strategic goals by using your data, enabled by Azure technology.